1.- How does Jack Symbolise the inner savage of the children? Jack at the beginning of the story was a person that act like a leader but Ralph was chosen to be chief so he decided to be the leader of the hunters. Jack behaves like a leaer aand like a savage as well, he […]

In chapter 8 Jack decided to be in his own with Roger, Simon and his hunters. They found a bigpig which they kill and Jack said that he will prepare a feast and give the pig’s head to the beast. Ralph made a fired of which Jack took some branches to have fire as well […]

At the beginning of chapter 6 the writer talks about something falling from the sky that seems to be a man with a parachute but it also says “and the figure sat, it’s helmeted head between its knees” which probably means it’s dead. Sam and Eric were taking care of the fire when they saw […]

*How doe the speaker use nature to present symbols in “Porphyria’s Lover” and “I think of Thee”? In both poems the speaker use personification mentioning trees, in the poem “think of Thee” the speaker use vines saying there are wild and messy to show how much she loves that person that when she thinks about […]

How does the speaker present ideas or conflict in The Tiger? The speaker uses a number of ways to present the idea of fire and what it might mean in the tiger. When I read stanza four, there are number used that are to do with the process of using fire to make a chain. […]

Globled like a full sail string. His father was a strong person. His eye narrowed ¬†and angled at the ground. His dad was concentrate on doing his wor. All I ever did was follow In his broad shadow around the farm. His dad was always working and couldn’t help him so he feels bad. “But […]